CBD For Epilepsy | Can CBD Be An Effective Therapy For Epilepsy

The rising interest in the non-intoxicating hemp-derived plant compound CBD with immense curative qualities has made many join it’s bandwagon from research scientists to commercial producers and sellers online. Touted as the miracle oil, it can dissolve tumors, quell seizures and epilepsy, and soothe chronic pain, and can promote cardiovascular wellness. Moreover, CBD or cannabidiol has also emerged as a patented neuroprotectant by the Federal Government of the US.

Further, Epilepsy another feather in its cap is the cannabidiol product “Epidiolex” being approved by the FDA in 2018 for regulating seizures, the hard to cure child onset epilepsy and Dravet Syndrome Epilepsy besides Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

The Neurological Disorder – Epilepsy

CBD For Epilepsy

Epilepsy signifies a chronic condition that results in recurrent seizures. Though unprovoked, such seizure occurs from an abrupt surge of electrical impulses within the brain. Such seizures can either be generalized which impacts the entire brain or partial, that can impact only a portion of the brain.

Stronger seizures can be found to have the following manifestations as under:

  • Severe spasms and convulsions
  • Unregulated muscle twitches lasting several minutes
  • A state of confusion
  • Loss of consciousness
    At times, you may not be able to recollect or possess any memory of what actually happened.

What Causes Seizure

CBD For Epilepsy
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For the majority of epilepsy patients, the cause can’t be assessed. The various causes that might lead to seizures include:

  • Traumatic brain damage
  • Scarring on the brain following a brain injury (post-traumatic epilepsy)
  • Major illness or extremely high fever
  • Stroke, the prime cause of epilepsy in people over 35
  • Various vascular diseases
  • Shortage of oxygen to the brain
  • Alzheimer’s disease or dementia
  • Maternal drug application, prenatal injury, malformation of the brain, or absence of oxygen at birth
  • Infectious diseases like meningitis and AIDS
  • Genetic disorders and neurological diseases
  • Alcohol withdrawal
  • Excessively low blood sugar

Besides, several rare conditions, like tuberous sclerosis and neurofibromatosis can lead to seizures which can run in families.

Thus, epileptic seizures can result from misfiring of brain cells that create body convulsions, consciousness lapses and at times intensely altered senses. On its part epilepsy can also originate from hormonal imbalances as well as from viruses though it is generally inferred that its precise cause is simply unknown.

CBD Offers Useful Benefits In Epilepsy

CBD For Epilepsy

Conventional therapy in epilepsy revolves around anticonvulsants that have their own adverse effects and at times are ineffective. This has led to a constant search for alternatives where normal pharmaceutical treatments have failed. Luckily, the plant oil CBD has stepped in as a viable solution that can treat epileptic fits and seizures that affects almost 50 million global populace.

what is cannabigerol (CBG) and what are its benefits

Years of medical research had finally confirmed that CBD is hugely effective in regulating seizures in children as well as adults. Children affected by Lennox-Gastaut or Dravet syndromes undergoing regular treatment with Organic CBD oil reported witnessed seizures dropping by over half.

CBD can assist in epilepsy due to its anticonvulsant properties. They work on several targets, which include calcium ion channels, sodium ion channels, glutamate receptor antagonists, besides the GATA system and receptor agonists, within the brain. Anticonvulsants may impact the neurotransmitters that dispatch messages or bind themselves to the neurons. This is intended to alter the cell activity by veering how ions circulate into and out of the neurons.
A 2003 study found that cannabinoids can reduce seizures through the stimulation of the brain’s CB1 receptors, that are located within the memory-related regions of the brain and the nervous system.

Thus by curbing and reducing the frequency of seizures and epileptic episodes CBD oil benefits such patients.

Final Thoughts On CBD For Epilepsy

Positive results have displayed that a daily dosage of pharmaceutical quality cannabidiol (CBD), which constituted an active ingredient in Epidiolex helped in reducing seizures with negligible side effects. Thereby, CBD has emerged as a cannabidiol medication with potential for treating 2 rare types of epilepsy, Dravet syndrome, and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

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