CBG For Radiculopathy | How Can CBG Help In Treating Radiculopathy?

Besides CBD and THC, there are many other types of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. These cannabinoids are very helpful in fighting many health problems. One such cannabinoid is CBG or Cannabigerol. It is a beneficial compound that provides relief from many health issues. One such health condition that CBG helps with is Radiculopathy. It is a nervous system disorder in which one or more nerves do not work properly and result in radicular pain, numbness, and weakness. CBG can be an effective option to fight such a condition. Let us know how.

What Is Radiculopathy?

CBG For Radiculopathy
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According to John Hopkins Medicine ” Your spine is made of many bones called vertebrae, and your spinal cord runs through a canal in the center of these bones. Nerve roots split from the cord and travel between the vertebrae into various areas of your body. When these nerve roots become pinched or damaged, the resulting symptoms are called radiculopathy.”

Sciatica is a common name for lumbar radiculopathy which leads to a pinched nerve root in your lower back.

Radiculopathy can be difficult to understand as it can result in a sensation such as weakness, tingling, and numbness in different parts of the body.

What Are The Symptoms Of Radiculopathy?

CBG For Radiculopathy
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The symptoms that one experiences as a result of radiculopathy depend on the actual area of the spine where the pinched nerve has occurred. The location of the pinched nerve along your spine is very important in the types of symptoms that you experience and also the areas of the body these symptoms affect.

Radiculopathy can be of three major types Lumbar Radiculopathy commonly known as Sciatica, Cervical Radiculopathy, and Thoracic Radiculopathy.
When the nerve root in the spine is pinched, it becomes inflamed and leads to pain and discomfort. Some symptoms of Radiculopathy include:

  • Pain in arms, legs, back or shoulders which worsens with certain activities.
  • Loss of reflexes or weakness in arms or legs
  • Numbness in your feet, legs or back
  • Sharp pain when you sit

What Are The Causes Of Radiculopathy?

CBG For Radiculopathy
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When a nerve is compressed by its surrounding tissue, it causes Radiculopathy. This condition can be caused by any common injury so it’s not always possible to know the exact cause behind it. However, there are certain injuries which can be considered as causes of radiculopathy in the spine. These are:

1. Herniated Disc
2. Bone Spurs
3. Degenerative Disc Disease
4. Osteoarthritis
5. Diabetes
6. Degenerative disc disease

How Is Radiculopathy Treated?

Treatment of Radiculopathy depends on the location and cause of the condition. Firstly, doctors recommend non-surgical treatment options. These may include:

Nonsteroidal and Anti-inflammatory drugs, opioid medications to manage the symptoms.
Conservative treatments include nerve root blocks and steroid injections to reduce inflammation and pain. Physical Therapy to prevent damage and strengthen your muscles.

Surgery is also needed sometimes to reduce the pressure on the nerve root.

Can CBG Treat Radiculopathy?

Cannabigerol or CBG can be considered as an effective option to treat Radiculopathy symptoms. This cannabinoid is not as popular as other varieties due to the low concentration found in the hemp plant but has the potential to treat a large variety of health issues.

CBG As An Anti-Inflammatory Cannabinoid

CBG is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It can largely help in relieving inflammation from Radiculopathy. Also, CBG can help in controlling the pain and inflammation caused by sciatica and make them go away naturally.

The drugs suggested in the treatment usually carry side effects. CBG is non-psychoactive and does not have any known side effects. Moreover, this cannabinoid also moderates our immune system and keeps it under control. CBG is also analgesic so it can treat any sort of pain as well. A combination of CBD and CBG is a potent solution for reducing the symptoms of this condition.

Final Thoughts On CBG For Radiculopathy

Radiculopathy can be a very debilitating condition as it can cause severe pain and discomfort around the pinched nerve. Using CBG can be really beneficial in reducing the pain and inflammation arising from this condition. The best part about using CBG is it is a safe and completely natural remedy as well as is non-psychoactive in nature.
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