Phytologica Review

PhytoLogica is a Professional-Grade Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil based product line made with organically grown hemp in the USA and manufactured in its purest form to achieve the absolute best quality possible. There  CBD oil  Organically grown and made in the USA


Water-Soluble Nano Emulsion Technology for Maximum Absorption

Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture

Benefit from increased absorption by administering our tincture formula below the tongue.

Full Spectrum Hemp Balm

This is a very potent Phytocannabinoid Hemp Extract Balm created with beeswax and coconut oil.

Phytologica brand review

Used CBD oil for a month, 5 drops under the tongue twice a day; depression much improved but pain still severe. Tried doubling dose, depression seriously exacerbated, still no pain relief. Be careful! You can take too much!
Paul Kingston
It is silly that anxiety isn't listed as a reason to take CBD, since it works incredibly well at reducing it. For me, it simply takes away my anxiety completely. It is incredible. It doesn't necessarily make you feel relaxed, and certainly doesn't make you high or anything, it just makes you not anxious anymore. I haven't noticed any side effects or anything either.
Mike Keneddy
CBD tincture helps control my chronic pain due to osteoarthritis and injuries I received in a fall. I take 20 milligrams of the Head and Heal brand twice a day sublingual-ly. I also use a CBD cream to help soothe the arthritis in my hands. After having multiple cervical and lumbar injections and taking Gralise/Gabapentin for neuropathic pain I have found my pain much more manageable and tolerable
Mrs. preston
I have been using this for pain from arthritis and have had amazing results. Also have heard stories of others getting ripped off or product not working. Been taking medterra for over 6 months now. Definitely would recommend.
jack Philander
After taking opiate based painkillers for 11 years for chronic lower back pain I found this treatment effective and very liberating from side effects, withdrawl symptoms and general health decline from opiates.
Mr. Zak quimby
Used for chronic pain with very positive effect. Patient exhibited greater ability to have normal interactions with family during initial ramp up period. Continued use has shown improvements in ability to move unassisted without significant pain
John Linings